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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Cooking Partners

The nice thing about Michael, besides being a wonderful boyfriend is that he makes a great cook and a great cooking partner.

The first time he ever cooked for me was New Years where he made lobster pasta. Let me tell you it was delicious. You know the saying, "you can get to a man's heart through the stomach", well, in this case he got my heart (but not only through his cooking).

Michael and I usually cook together. It really is quite nice. It's something we can do together and it's also fun, well at least we try to make it fun, right?

I'm usually stuck cutting vegetables. Maybe not stuck but assigned to cut vegetables. Is there something I don't know about guys and cutting vegetables? My friend Barb was always stuck cutting vegetables while cooking with her boyfriend. Nevertheless, I don't mind it that much. Michael always takes care of cooking the pasta, because I tend to overcook it.

Our cooking is a team effort. There has never been a time where something messed up, other than me always making a mess in the kitchen, spilling or dropping food. Oops! Honest, I'm a good cook. Right Michael? A little messy, but hey, I haven't killed anyone with my cooking.

The only thing that Michael and I will disagree on is with adding salt in our food. I'm all about the flavour, but Michael thinks otherwise. I must say that he did compromise the other night; he added salt to the pasta.

Girls get your boyfriends and start cooking. The best part is that it's a team effort and if it doesn't work out, it's not like you'll get all the blame for it. It takes two to Tango; as they say.


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